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Naruto Chapter 441 Spoiler

Naruto Chapter 441 Spoiler

Ini ada Spoiler Naruto yang saya ambil dari beberapa web dan sudah ada konfirmasi langsungnya.

Verification: confirmed

Source: Naruto 441 | Naruto 441 Spoiler

Naruto escapes from Chibaku tensei. The sphere begins to crumble…

Naruto's mind is distracted over Hinata and the rest of Konoha's villagers. He worries that they've been wiped out by Pein, but then the Katsuya that was in his pocket reassures him that they are safe, and Naruto is relieved.
Nagato coughs up blood (again).

Team Gai finally arrives. Tenten goes to Hinata. Her vital points were damaged, but with immediate care, she will be saved. Neji uses byakugan to search for a medical ninja. Lee discovers Mama Frog and reports an injured frog.

Gai says "Akatsuki… to think they are capable of this…" or something to that effect.

Back to Naruto. He tells Tendou he wants to talk to the 'real' Pein (i.e. Nagato).

Tendou tells Naruto it's too late to talk and nothing good will come of it.

Naruto decides to search him out. Katsuya asks how.

Naruto has an idea. During the fight, he will break off a piece of Tendou's chakra rod, and he will stab himself with it while in Sennin mode. The theory is similar to tracing a call. (*69 FTW!)

In order to finish off Tendou, Naruto uses Fuuton Rasenshuriken. Tendou repels it using his jutsu. Knowing that Tendou has a 5 second delay to his jutsu, Naruto used a second shadow shuriken (?).

After using Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken twice in Sennin Mode, the Sennin Mode stops (Deva realm now sees through this)

After this, there's also a part with a conversation between Deva realm and Jiraiya-sensei, who praises Konoha shinobi for being very great (this is after Naruto says he wants to speak with the real body)

Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler

Naruto : Found you !

やっとこさガイ班到着 テンテンがヒナタ 急所がずれていて今すぐ治療すれば助かるといい
ネジがそっこで白眼で医療忍者を探す リーは母ちゃん蛙を発見 こちらにケガ蛙です っていっ た時はふいた w
ガイは一言 暁…これほどまでとは 見たいな事を言う
ナルトに変わり 天道に本体と話がしたい と交渉
決裂 今更お前と話しても無意味的なことをいわれ
ナルト 考えがある って事で殴り合いに天道の黒い棒を折り折れた先を自分に突き刺し

天道とラストの決着をつける為 風遁螺旋手裏剣を放ち天道がはじき返すが

Naruto escapes from the Chibaku Tensei and lands back on the ground. After this, the sphere crumbles.

Hinata crosses Naruto's mind and seeing no trace of the village of the villagers, he worries he might have destroyed them, but Katsuyu, still hiding in his clothes, assures him they are okay.

Nagato coughs up even more blood

Team Guy just arrived. Tenten checks Hinata. Pain missed her vitals, and with immediately medical treatment she will be fine.
Hearing that, Neji uses his Byakugan to find a medical ninja. Lee discovers Ma frog he says "there's an injured frog here" They're wasting time (laugh)
Guy says one word: Akatsuki… So much for this, I'll tell you the things you want to see

Change to Naruto he says to Deva Realm that he wants to speak to the real body for negotiations.
Breakdown - Talking to you after all this now would be nonsensical

Naruto is like "Well, then I'll have to look for him myself" Katsuyu asks how he's going to do that.
Naruto has an idea: He'll engage Deva Realm in a fistfight, break of one of the black rods and pierces himself with it. Using Sennin mode, he can locate the real body like tracing a phone call.

To finish off Deva Realm, Naruto throws a Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken, which Deva realm deflects, but it seems Naruto took advantage of the five-second interval by throwing a second shadow shuriken.
The end

The next issue has a colour cover. Conclusion… and unexpected end…
…is what's written. It would suck if it's Nagato dying from coughing up too much blood
The spine of the magazine has Gaara on it.

Chapter ends here.

次号 巻頭カラーで決着…意外な結末が… 
The next issue, color cover. "An unexpected outcome." It would suck if the "unexpected outcome" was Nagato dying from hacking up too much blood.
Gaara on the spine of Jump.

After using Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken twice in Sennin Mode, the Sennin Mode stops (Deva realm now sees through this)

After this, there's also a part with a conversation between Deva realm and Jiraiya-sensei, who praises Konoha shinobi for being very great (this is after Naruto says he wants to speak with the real body)

Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler

Hard to interpret the answer without knowing the question, but here it goes.

長門が逆にゾクゾクってしてたよ ナルトの蛙の目状態が
It was Nagato instead who was feeling zoku zoku (a Japanese sound that represents fear/tension/jitters). The condition of Naruto's frog eyes got to Nagato (???)

The cover page is Hinata again, so there's a chance her status is rising as a heroin.

Sorry, I didn't look that carefully. I'll make sure to look more carefully next time. (I'm assuming the question had to do with Hinata - her attire, boobs, one can only hypothesize).

あ~ヒナタか ってぐらいにしかみてなかった><
It was just an afterthought like, "oh, there's Hinata"

I couldn't write it all, but...

その後仙人モードきれる (天道がその事今回看破してます)
In Sennin Mode, the limit to Fuuton Rasen Shuriken is 2 throws.
Afterwards, Naruto snaps out of Sennin Mode. Tendou sees through it.

後天道が ジライヤ先生といい木の葉の忍びは大変優秀だなって褒めてる部分も
会話である (これはナルトが本体と直接話がしたいっていった時)
Also, Tendou remembers a conversation, where Jiraya is praising Konoha ninjas for their excellence/superiority.

The rest is spoiler pics. See you later-!
by: Kaku

"Naruto Menatap ke bawah ke arah Pain God Realm, Pain Menatap Balik."

Pain: - Tidak Mungkin, Bagaimana Kau kembali normal lagi?
"Naruto Menatap dengan serius"
Pain: - Tidak mengapa, ini akan berakhir Naruto. Kau tidak mungkin dapat lari dari Chibuka tensei.
"Berpaling ke arah wajah Nagato"
Nagato berpikir: - Ia tidak mungkin dapat menahannya lagi seperti sebelumnya, sungguh kekuatan yang menakjubkan, ia kelihatan berbeda…

"Naruto duduk diatas Chibaku Tensei dan berkonsentrasi"

Pain: - Apa yang dia lakukan?

"Naruto membuka matanya dan menatap berlawan dari Pain dan langsung tertuju ke arah Nagato"
"Wajah Nagato, Matanya terbuka lebar"

Nagato: - Ia mengetahuiku…

"Naruto berdiri dan menghadap Nagato, Ia pun mulai berbicara"

Naruto: - Banyak yang telah terjadi. Saya tidak mempunyai semua jawabannya Tapi yang ku tahu, jawabanmu adalah salah Nagato. Kau telah ditipu oleh salah satu dari alasanmu sendiri yang mengarah ke alasan yang sama yang kau coba sendiri untuk hentikan, Kebencian.

"Mata Nagato mengarah dengan penuh kecurigaan"

Nagato: - Apa yang sedang kau pikir tahu tentang itu? Kau masih tidak tahu jawabannya bukan..

Naruto: - Seorang pria bertopeng di Akatsuki, mempunyai agenda yang sama dengan yang kau miliki.

"Naruto menunjuk ke arah Nagato, Mata Nagato jadi terlihat serius"

Nagato: - Apa yang kau bicarakan, Bagaimana kau mengetahui Madara?
Naruto: - Madara…..seseorang yang dekat denganku yang mengatakannya.
Nagato : - Cukup! Ini tidak penting..Semua yang penting adalah kedamaian.
Naruto : - Jalan yang kau tempuh bukan kedamaian, Ku sudah katakan padamu, Ku akan mengalahkanmu dan melindungi semuanya!

"Naruto Merunduk dan menutup matanya"

Nagato: - apa…..

"Naruto mengumpulkan energi natural di kakinya., Ia membuka matanya dan turun kebawah di atas tanah"

Nagato terkejut: - Tidak Mungkin!!
God realm: - Shinra tensei!

"Naruto mundur kembali dan berpijak di atas Chibaku tensei yang permukaannya telah hancur"
"Naruto berdiri dengan terlihat lelah, bernafas dengan berat. "

Naruto berpikir: Ku tidak mungkin melewati Shinra tensei dan ku tidak mungkin cukup cepat untuk melakukan serangan setelah 5 detik dilakukannya Shinra Tensei, Tidak di atas benda ini (Chibaku Tensei).
"Naruto menyadari sesuatu!! ku sudah tidak mempunyai klon untuk di panggil jadi ku dapat menggunakan itu…Ia berdiri dan membuat segel tangan"

Naruto : - Kage buShin no jutsu

"Muncul ratusan jurus bayangan!"
"Naruto membuat segel tangan sekali lagi, ia berkonsentrasi sambil berkeringat. dua klon mode sage muncul di sampingnya"
"Klon sage berlari ke arah normal klon dengan posisi 3 grup dengan 1 Klon sage dan banyak sekali normal klon di antara grup tersebut"
"Nagato menatap dengan kejadian tersebut"

God realm berpikir: Ia tidak mungkin meluncurkan semuanya dari arah itu (Chibaku Tensei)… Chakra ku mulai habis, Chibaku tensei benar-benar menyerap tenagaku, Ku harus akhiri ini.

God realm: - Apa yang akan kau lakukan? Kau tidak dapat menghancurkan Chibuka tensei, tidak ada yang bisa.

"Seorang sage Naruto meluncurkan satu Normal naruto dengan melemparnya dengan kekuatan penuh, Klonnya menghilang"
"tiga klon Sage membentuk satu Rasengan dan menghancurkan Chibaku Tensei yang menghasilkan Hamparan asap".
"God realm fokus pada hamparan asap dengan matanya"

God realm berbisik: - Mereka datang.

"Out of the smoke Normal Naruto's are shot out at a steady interval launching towards God realm. Some of them explode into smoke filling the air between god realm and the moon with smoke."
"God realm parries and disposes of the clones that reach him"

God realm: - You cannot force me to use Shinra tensei like this! Your clones are no match for me, I can take them on. The smoke won't help you!

"Suddenly Nagato feels a disturbance in the gravity as something explodes somewhere on the moon and god realms balance drops by the shockwaves of the explosion, the ground shakes"

God realm: - Ughhh..what?

"Out of the smoke comes the moon steering right at God realm"
God realm: - What?! How?!

"Nagato looks in total shock how the moon falls on God realm and see it through God realms eyes also. There is no escape it is to big!
Nagato shifts his eyes to the moon and see two sage Naruto' s Jumping up into the air on the opposite side of the moon and landing down again with OgoonRasengan!"

Nagato: - So that's what he is doing, trying to bring the moon down on me… I still have my shinra tensei!

"God realm raises his hands towards the moon, sweating and panting from the concentration"
God Realm: - SHINRA TENSEI!!

"The moon, that is somewhat close now starts to shifts to the left and continues falling to the side, but not enough."
"God realm jumps the other way to get out of harms way."

Naruto: - Got you!

"Out of the smoke comes the third, real Naruto Sage flying in high speed with a double Rasengan crashing into God realm"


"close up at god realms face as he is hit"

God realm: - Guaaaargg!
Nagato: - Arghh…Yahiko!

"God realm and Naruto crashes into the ground in an explosion of rock and smoke"
"Nagato coughs blood and Konan comes to his side"

"Naruto stand up out of the smoke, Yahiko is defeated on the ground"
"The moon crashes in a ground-shaking explosion felt by all Shinobi around the area as Naruto looks towards Nagato, his faced concealed by shadow"

Naruto: - It's over….

"Naruto seems to be struggling with himself, trying to make a hard choice."

Naruto: - Jirayaaa……

"Naruto seems to come to a decision that in some way is painful, he raises his face and in his eyes are determination"
Naruto jumps closer to were Nagato is and up in a tree"

Naruto shouts: - The will of fire protects us all……Jirayaa's dream…..I know what it meant now. End this Nagato, stop your killing. There is another way…….I have my answer.. I don't……ha…(Naruto hesitates)…hate you….

"Nagato is stunned by these words…."

Nagato whispers: - Naruto……..the destined child?…….
Nagato: - Konan, reveal us.

"Konan releases the paper shield. Nagatos machine Walks closer to Naruto, Nagato raises his voice"

Nagato: - What is your answer!?

"A flash behind Nagato and Madara stands behind him"

Madara: - So Pain, you failed it seems, betrayal huh?

"Naruto see Madara and is shocked, Konan don't have time to react and you see closeup on Nagato's face he is sweating and taken of guard"

-- Next Chapter : "The Betrayal" --

Probability Title : The Final Battle Naruto vs Pain
Salvation, a result of peace

(Naruto in Sage Mode looks down at Pain.)

"Gathering Sage Chakra took no time at all. It must be the experience from the shadow clones. Still, I'll have to end this one quickly, I've gone aways from Konoha, so the scroll is no use to me," said Naruto.

"Naruto, you're back," said Katsuyu. "You were here this whole time? How did you survive," asked Naruto. "Although my body may be split up, my chakra resistance allows me to constantly heal the damage, no biggie," said Katusyu.

"I wonder," said Naruto. (He closes his eyes. He then starts to smile.) "She's alive, I'm so relieved," said Naruto. (He gets slightly teary eyed.) "What are you waiting for Naruto," asked Katsuyu. (Naruto makes the Shadow clone jutsu handsign.) "Don't worry, I was just gathering Sage chakra. I'll need a lot of it to defeat him," said Naruto.

(Three shadow clones appear. Pain closes his hands. The walls of Chibaku Tensei begins to heal.)

"So its closing on us, he'll probably try to carry me away," said Naruto. (Chikbaku Tensei closes.)

Switch Scene to Nagato:

(Nagato is breathing harshly)

"He reverted back to his normal state. This is fine," said Nagato. "Nagato, please, you've done enough. If you can't subdue him, have Madara handle things, I can't bare to see you like this," said Konan.

"Fool. Madara only wants power. He has no means for peace. If I lose control of the tailed beasts, that's fine, all I really need is the Kyuubi. I've seen its power through Pain's eyes, its power alone is enough. Its been a long time Konan, but its here, its so close," said Nagato.

Switch to Inside Chibaku Tensei:

(There are 4 Narutos, each holding dual ultimate sized Oodama Rasengan. The outside of Chibaku Tensei cracks. Pain takes notice.)

"What's that," asked Pain as he looks on. "Sage Tech: Oodama Rasen Maruchipuru," said Naruto. (An enormous explosion of chakra pierces Chibaku Tensei's outer shell. It later eradicates. Pain evacuates to a safer distance.)

"Unreal. To deal out so much chakra without the Fox's power," said Pain.

(The 4 Naruto rush out of the smoke and are landing toward Pain's location. They make Rasen Shuriken. Naruto throws it. Pain prepares to counter while it is incoming however, the jutsu misses God Realm and strikes the ground nearby. He notices that he's being trapped in the jutsu's spiral radius.. Basically Rasen Shuriken in a dome form like against Kakazu)

"He struck a surface to give his technique a different property," said Pain. (Pain uses a larger scaled Shinra Tensei disperses Rasen Shuriken before the blades of wind begins to rain upon him. Immediately after canceling Rasen Shuriken, another Rasen Shuriken is flying towards him.)

"Damn," said Pain. (The Narutos are already rushing it. Pain cancels it. Immediately following afterwards. The 4 Naruto are surronding Pain. They each have Rasen Rengan.)

"Sage Tech: Rasen Maruchipuru," said Naruto. (From all angles in close range, God Realm is punished by eight Rasengan in total. A mini explosion ignites and Naruto is thrown back. He is no longer in Sage Mode. It is shown that God Realm has spirals all over his body, as a result of the technique. He falls flat on the ground.)

"I was able to deflect it to some degree, but it was no use. My the interval, you must have found your way around it. Tell me something Uzumaki? How do you plan to end this world of hatred and bring peace to the shinobi world? Let me here your answer," said Pain.

(Naruto walks over to Pain.)

"As long as this world is like this, people like you will be born. As long as people like you are going to be born, the world will never see peace. I don't know the answer yet. But stopping you here will only bring me closer to the truth. That is my answer," said Naruto.

(Pain grabs Naruto's pants leg.)

"Stop Madara. If you even think you have at least the smallest glimpse of hope in your fantasy dream, stopping Madara may up your chances by a small percent fraction at best," said Pain. (God Realm's eyes return back to human eyes. Then they close)

Switch Scene to Nagato:

(His eyes are closed to)

"Don't stop talking Nagato. Open your eyes. No. Don't stop talking yet. Say something," yelled Konan.

Next Chapter: A new beginning

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