Friday, July 10, 2009

Naruto Manga Chapter 455 Download


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Finally, Naruto Manga Download available for Chapter 455

Yeah, Naruto Chapter 455 has been released and ready for download.

Click here => Download Naruto Chapter 455


The title is “Bond”


Naruto 455 Bond


In this chapter 455, you will see how struggle Naruto keep information about Sasuke even he got bet up by Karui.




Naruto told to Kakashi, Yamato and Sai that the man behind this conflict is Madara Uchiha. He was the mastermind behind Kyuubi attacked 16 years ago. 


Naruto 455 Bond2


He also said to Yamato that he met the Yondaime to stop him released the Kyuubi seal in his body.


Naruto 455 Bond3


More Shocking, Danzo finally show his blind eye and it is a Sharingan. Danzo has Sharingan eye..!!!

Naruto 455 Bond4


Well..I can’t want for the next chapter


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